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Unified Payment Platform Enabler
We enable the end-to-end value chain of commerce transactions; from payment collections to payment settlement. Being the front-runner of this industry, we support traditional payment methods while championing advanced payment methods. Our engagement with merchants has given us opportunity to deliver solutions that suit their business needs. Through our payment gateway, transactions are protected against fraudulent activities and information can be analysed while settlement and pay-outs can be performed.
Blockchain Solutions
Blockchain technology, the engine behind cryptocurrencies, has proven its effectiveness in improving payments. Authentication and authorization, vital to digital transactions, are established as a result of the configuration of blockchain technology. The demand for blockchain-based services is on the rise and with in-depth research, we put together the strength of our payment platform and blockchain technology to further enhance security and improve payment solutions.

Leading Payment Provider

MC Payment is Asia’s leading provider for electronic payment transactions.
Founded in 2005, MC Payment started off as a payment technology and merchant service company to facilitate payment collection for commerce transactions between suppliers, merchants and end consumers in Singapore. Our role as an enabler in the payment ecosystem provided merchants with the ability to seamlessly manage payment collection, improving operation efficiency and increasing sales completion rate.

Our Clients

We have been in the electronic payments business for more than 10 years and have deep experience across major payment methods. With the increasing global consumer activities and adoption of electronic payment methods, we aim to provide specialised financial technology services that support the complex and growing payment needs within the region.

Founder & Group Chief Executive Officer – Anthony Koh

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