EBC Foundation, the company behind EBCoin has taken a leap forward by signing a strategic MOU with MC Payment based in Singapore.

MC Payment is one of Asia’s leading providers of electronic payment solutions. This partnership is a great addition to the EBCoin brand and will serve as a platform on which to grow our service offering to reach all over Asia.

More About MC Payment
Mobile Credit Payment (MC Payment) was founded in Singapore in 2005 and has since grown to a multinational organization providing their services in many countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Australia. They provide both a payment platform and merchant service that supports an end-to-end value-chain of commerce transactions.

They have pioneered payments in the mobile and digital payment space, in addition to supporting the traditional online and in-person payments. With their exceptional service they have received awards from multiple groups including from Hong Kong ICT Awards, SME One Asia and Singapore Prestige Brand Awards.

Our Collaboration
The main topics of the MOU between the two companies are, first of all, use of EBCoin as a method of payment on the MCP network, second foreign currency exchange services and third, integrating EBCoin’s tax refund service into their payment systems. Further, MC Payment will have an active share in promoting and expanding the EBCoin brand throughout Asia in the future.

Anthony Koh, CEO of MC Payment commented: “The EBCoin project is an attractive business considering the volume of 1.2 billion travelers globally, and the market for tax free shopping of 60 billion Dollars every year. Through close cooperation with the EBCoin Team, we will be able to add great impetus to establishing and expanding their services in the region.”

To the Future
EBCoin will offer a cryptocurrency for travelers that will serve as a digital currency for tax refunds, foreign currency exchange and as a payment method using the EBCoin Wallet App.

This partnership is a great step forward and is very exciting for us. We predict this will facilitate the rapid growth we are already planning for and allow our service offering to have solid foothold in the global travel industry.

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