Online Payment Solutions

Access the global market with our payment solution
Consumers have been shifting their shopping and buying activities online via various channels and devices. For merchants with online presence, securing online payment is paramount. We offer a variety of reliable payment processing solutions to manage all your online transactions easily.
Merchants experience losses every year due to fraudulent online activities, a secured payment solution can prevent such loses. With PCI-compliant, we adapt strict procedures to ensure consumers’ sensitive card details are encrypted. We are also equipped with Fraud Tools that help identify and react to potential threats.
Our Online Payment Solution supports Credit/ Debit Card Checkout, E-wallet and Direct Debit Checkout, Tokenization, Recurring payments, Pre-Authorization, E-mail Invoice and QuickPay.
QuickPay generates hyperlinks or QR codes that can be used in your invoices, business cards, marketing material to receive payment within a shorter time.
At MC Payment, we offer multiple options to fit your unique business needs. Regardless of your business needs, we have a solution for you.