MC Payment provides a suite of solutions to simplify payments, billings and collections, developed to provide flexibility and scalability so you can grow and stay relevant to evolving consumer trends.
MCP e-invoice

Create and send invoices via email. Your clients or customers can view and make payment with the card types your choose. Send reminders and get notification when a payment is made.

MCP Quickpay

Create payment links or QR codes for a simple and fast transaction. Embed the links in your emails or invoices for quick and easy payment processing. For QR codes, you can place them anywhere, even on your name cards.

MCP Batch Processing

Process multiple transactions at one go. You can also marked the transaction as recurring so you need only process them once and go on auto charge thereafter, on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Accept Major Credit Cards and Local Payments

We offer a full range of payment options and processing currencies.

Process all types of payment methods in one Platform

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