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Courier & Delivery

For most CEP (courier, express and parcel) service providers, business services mainly consists of B2B (Business to Business) and private customers. Each sector possess their own challenges and opportunities.

Costs of Delivery

Challenges of service to private customers generally involves delivering one package per stop. Another factor is that private customers are more difficult to reach, which means that, under certain circumstances, an attempted delivery must be made several times. Both factors result in higher costs.


One major trend faced by the sector’s companies is creating extensive networks and carrying out international expansion. The need for internationalisation is arising because shipment volume is growing faster among regional bloc, such as the Asia-Pacific than it is domestically.

Value-Added Services

Individual CEP companies try to develop competitive edges by creating differentiation, focusing on the customer and offering new value-added services. Business customers are interested in services provided from a single source. They frequently want integrated, all-around service with a continuous transport chain. Value-added services such as payment collection, proactive shipment information provided by text message or e-mail, identity checks or department delivery are just additional trends the CEP sector are experiencing.

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