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Omni-channel payments
for omni-channel retail


In retail merchant services, each and every transaction is critical, and we understand how important it is to offer a seamless checkout experience for your customers. We partner with businesses both large and small, and will work with you to develop a payment processing solution for your retail point whether it’s online, mobile or in-store.

Payment Acceptance

Consumers want choices, so the more options you provide, the more your business can grow. With Asian consumers, credit card payment may not be their preferred way of buying online. With direct links to local banking networks, we make payments easy for your customers with Credit, Debit, Alternative and Local payment methods.

Terminals and Mobile POS

MC Payment understands that payment processing requirements are unique and dependant upon the nature of your business. Whether you’re a small boutique clothier or a large shopping mall, we offer POS terminals and mobile POS terminals that allow you to integrate with existing solutions, or customise payment features that suit your needs. Find out more >

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive merchant support
  • Low transaction fees
  • Seamless integration with any POS system
  • Comprehensive integration guide (API) for any website or ecommerce platform
  • Online reporting tools available anytime, anywhere

Online Retail

Consumers have been shifting their shopping and buying online via their mobile devices. Etail, or electronic retail is borderless, ubiquitous, and convenient. For merchants that sell exclusively online, or for those that offer ecommerce in addition to brick-and-mortar commerce, a seamless customer experience is paramount. A user’s positive checkout experience completes the entire shopping journey. Don’t let a lack of payment methods result in loss of sales. By offering a variety of payment methods and advanced processing solutions, you’re sure to get the most out of every transaction. Find out more >

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